Chloé . France . 17 (for those asking, my bd is december 30 ;D)
Hey there !
Just a girl who loves a lot of things, and don't have any social life because of those : Arrow, Spn, Doctor Who, Hannibal, BBC's Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Skins(uk), Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien's world.. I also draw a bit, so it may be possible to see some of my things here. Have fun and be safe !

Currently watching :
- Orphan Black s2
- Hannibal s2
+ NCIS s5
Dark Angel s2
Doctor Who s6
Grimm s2
Skins s4

Wating for :
- Supernatural s10
- Teen Wolf s4
- Sherlock s4
- Sleepy Hollow s2
- Almost Human s2
- Game of Thrones s5
- Arrow s3
- The Flash
- Once Upon a Time s4
- TVD s6 (+ The Originals s2)
(next year, I'm going to college and I'm not sure I'll be able to stop watching some of those.. :\)

Big fan of Tom Hiddleston, Christoph Waltz, Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, FOB, P!ATD, ImagineDragons, Green Day.. & so much more.


SPN Comp ⇀ Male Angels Week
Prompt: Angel With A Shotgun (The Cab)

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that tension between u and the other youth in the manga/anime section of a public store




Soul Survivor [x]

Why did it take him becoming a demon to see that?

because demons don’t feel emotions like humans do. Love can make us forgive a lot, take that away and he’s forced to look at his childhood for what it really was

That’s a good point, I’ll add to that the fact that he did acknowledge this in s2 and in s5. but acknowledging isn’t enough to make a change in the mind concept, and it was never as brutal. 

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Some extras from the December 2014 issue of B’s Log in case anyone wanted a higher-res version of Carla and Shin or a textless version of the Ruki&Shu spread.


they put a fucking mattress under thranduil’s throne in case lee falls omfG


The urgency of the war, along with changing conceptions of women’s roles in society, meant that the U.S. military enlisted the help of thousands of women. In fact, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces […] When women shipped off, they took cosmetics with them into battle. Lipstick was one of the ways these women defined themselves; to them it signaled femininity and strength. (full quote at sarriane)

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