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Hey there !
Just a girl who loves a lot of things, and don't have any social life because of those : Arrow, Spn, Doctor Who, Hannibal, BBC's Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Skins(uk), Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien's world.. I also draw a bit, so it may be possible to see some of my things here. Have fun and be safe !

Currently watching :
- Orphan Black s2
- Hannibal s2
+ NCIS s5
Dark Angel s2
Doctor Who s6
Grimm s2
Skins s4

Wating for :
- Supernatural s10
- Teen Wolf s4
- Sherlock s4
- Sleepy Hollow s2
- Almost Human s2
- Game of Thrones s5
- Arrow s3
- The Flash
- Once Upon a Time s4
- TVD s6 (+ The Originals s2)
(next year, I'm going to college and I'm not sure I'll be able to stop watching some of those.. :\)

Big fan of Tom Hiddleston, Christoph Waltz, Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, FOB, P!ATD, ImagineDragons, Green Day.. & so much more.





Okay, lets see how badly I can burn this guy down.

  • Lady Gaga is Bisexual and is usually told before media appearances not to mention it, but she does anyway.
  • Lady Gaga’s album sales go to LGBT Organizations and many other charities, such as Animal Rescue, ect.
  • Lady Gaga is constantly poked at and ‘abused’ by the media for what she portrays and for her music and the music videos. Her privacy is constantly invaded by the media, the outfits she wears, and her entire life is made public for you all to judge and laugh at.

So tell me hunny, how does she NOT understand how it feels to be bullied?

I don’t care much for Lady Gaga but I really get peeved when people erase her sexuality and call her straight. 

Yeah I don’t like Lady Gaga, but the fact that SJWs constantly erase her bisexuality is fucking annoying.   The b in LGBT is there for a reason. It really annoys me that so many in the gay community think that just because a woman is bi and femme, she’s just faking it. 

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